Steven Parkins: Keyboards and Guitars

Taking charge of the technical duties in the band, Steve plays the keyboards and guitar, programs the drum sequences and still finds time to monitor the mix. The veteran rocker who was a member of the 70's band Burnt Umber is still plugging away. His motto being "You ain't seen nothing yet", nice mate. 

Early influences being  Moody Blues and Pink Floyd,  the Alan Parsons steverigProject are also a firm favorite. He was one of the remaining Bad Shirts members who eventually became Cato! 

As a fashion icon to a generation, Steve was at the vanguard of the recent home-knit revival. Following in the footsteps of one of his own heroes, Steve is planning a spectacular "Cato on Ice" show based on the legend of Robin Hood.

Multi-talented Steve is due to start work on his Solo album, as soon as he can find the time from his heavy schedule of dressmaking and dining out. Recently he has decided to add bass guitar to his long list of skills. 




Kawai K1
Roland D10
Roland PC200 mkII
Korg  05R/W
Aria Electro-acoustic
Yamaha  12-string
DOD pedals

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Last updated 1st September 2006