Nick: Guitars

Nick grew up listening to the likes of AC/DC and still likes his music to rock. He played with the bands  Peach, Cunning Stunts and Dub and the Funky Fruits before joining the Bad Shirts who eventually became Cato! as we know them today. So dedicated to the band, he had them play at his wedding in fact it was rumoured at the time that he only got married to give the band a gig. 

Ninja guitarist Nick has almost no sense of smell following years of imaginary session work for bands as diverse as Metallica and Megadeth. The resident band vegetarian, Nick refuses to join in with Cato's annual 'pork loin festival'.  Nick works out by using a guitar made of cast iron. During particularly vigorous soloing he can lose up to 76% of his total body mass. His hair is real. No, really.

A recent spell of shift-work has enabled Nick to enter a trancelike state in which he can reproduce any guitar solo that has ever been played. Unfortunately only he can hear it.






Marshall 2266 50w Head
Marshall 1960A 300w Cab
Marshall 2266 50w Combo
Custom Pedalboard
Boss pedals SD-1, DS-1, DD-3, RV-3, TU-15

Keeley Compressor, Katana Boost
Ibanez RG470
Ibanez RG

Squire Deluxe Strat



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Last updated 29th January 2011