Matt: Vocals

Matt joined the band after auditioning as the drummer. Then like so many drummers before him stepped into the spotlight as the front man. Those early years were spent with that well known band Dead on arrival. His musical influences are  too varied to mention.

 Although Welsh by birth, Matt is the tallest member of Cato (standing at nearly 8' 6" depending on hairstyle). Before Cato rescued his career, Matt had been the 4th member of Bros, the 3rd Milli Vanilli and the 6th Spice Girl. He is the least talented guitarist in Cato by some measure.

Matt is back in full time employment again so has had to give up his regime of meditation and relaxation designed to improve his vocal performance. There is no truth in the rumour that it was having the reverse effect. Although it did enable him to master the harmonica. Matt took a different line to Nick and initially refused to let the band play at his recent wedding. In the end he was worn down and the band played at the stag night. Then again at the reception! 


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Shure SM58 Beta radio microphone

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Last updated 13th December 2008