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Mark temporarily stood in on bass for Cato! while playing with the Loughborough band Crazy Road Vicars, known for their great support gigs with those better known Loughborough rockers Hey Edna. The Cato! position eventually became vacant and Mark took the job. Musical influences are varied but include The Offspring and Greenday

Big, bad bassist Mark recently completed a stay at the world-famous Priory clinic as rehab for his 10-year diet coke habit. At its peak he was thought to be consuming 15 litres a day - to wash down up to a hundredweight of cheesey wotsits. Despite this he never missed a gig with his late eighties band The Reynolds Girls

Recent rumours that he had contracted a crippling nerve disease were dispelled when he actually stood up during a practice session. Although secure in his role as Cato! Bassist he often can be found dreaming of those glory days supporting Hey Edna when he actually played in front of a crowd that out-numbered the band. A recent band restructuring allowed him to move to the drums and away from the bass. This was mainly because it allows him to stay seated through gigs.  However with the addition of the new drummer Mark has returned to the bass and now combines with Neil to provide the awesome rhythm section behind the band.


Yamaha BB1100S Cherry Sunburst
Yamaha BB1100S Sunburst
Yamaha RBX-250F
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Crafter BA-40E Electro Acoustic Bass
Trace Elliot BLX-80 Combo
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Trace Elliot GP7 SM150 Head
Trace Elliot 1x18 Extension Cab
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Last updated 18th April 2009