Details of previous gigs 

Matt goes in to his 15 minute break dance routine while the band looks on wondering if he is actually having a fit.

2008 Gig  List

22nd February 2008 - Three Nuns, Loughborough
Another good night at the nuns, guitars need to be louder next time!!

19th April 2008 -Crown & Cushion, Loughborough
First time at this venue and we packed it out. Great crowd.

6th September 2008 - Crown & Cushion, Loughborough
Good night but Matt had to fend off a rowdy Oasis fan

13th September 2008 - Crown & Cushion, Loughborough
Asked to come back a week later, another good night 

19th September 2008 - Three Nuns, Loughborough
Third weekend on the trot so we were feeling good

14th November 2008 - Three Nuns, Loughborough
First time with the 4x12 cabs so the guitarist's loved it

15th November 2008 - Long Whatton (Private Function), Loughborough
Great night and a good singalong at the end 

22nd November  2008 - Hobgoblin, Loughborough
First time at this venue and we had a good night

6th December 2008 - Hobgoblin, Loughborough
Mix up on dates with C&C so we returned here for Claires birthday night out


2009 Gig  List

23rd January 2009 - Three Nuns, Loughborough
Evening went well but one rather enthusiastic fan kept the dance floor clear. 

2nd May 2009 - Hobgoblin, Loughborough
A bit loud on the night, ears were ringing for days. Good night with a few new songs.   

20th June - Loughborough (Private Function)
Worried we wouldn't fit in but all went well in the end. Great pair.

27th June - Loughborough (Private Function)
At last some room to set up. The girls kept the party going with their singing and dancing.

22nd August - Loughborough (Private Function)
Small child’s mum was hot.

3rd October - Maxwells, Loughborough
Bit cramped but a good night.

2010 Gig List

1st May 2010 – Private Function, Quorn
Emergency call out gig.

19th June 2010 - Newshouse, Loughborough
First time at the Newshouse, started slow but a good crowd got things rocking for the second set.

3rd July 2010 - Maxwells, Loughborough
Good singing from the crowd, not so much dancing.

24th July 2010 – Private Party, Coalville
Hope you enjoyed it,

31st July 2010 – Private Party, Loughborough
Marks birthday bash.

 6th August 2010 – Private Party, Long Whatton
Plenty of singers to join in on the singalong songs.

21st August 2010 – TLC Festival
It was a rainy night but we all loved it. Hope we get asked back for next year.

28th August 2010 – Hobgoblin, Loughborough
Great night, best gig in ages. Cheers to everyone that came and made it special.

4th December 2010 – Three Nuns, Loughborough
Another good night, hope you enjoyed it Claire.

December 2010 - Loughborough Rugby Club
What! No Neil. Thanks to Roger for standing in.

2011 Gig  News

29th January 2011 – Hobgoblin, Loughborough
Another great gig at one of our favourite venues

26th February 2011 – Three Nuns, Loughborough
The East Leake crowd really made it  a night to remember

8th July 2011 – Private Party, Loughborough
Hope you had a good night Sam.

16th July 2011 – Hobgoblin, Loughborough
Usual good gig at the Hobgoblin.

20th August 2011 – TLC Festival, Thringstone
Cut short due to time but a good crowd.

27th August 2011 – Cricket Club Event, Long Whatton
Tested our new lighting rig.

10th September 2011 – Private Party, Loughborough
Good night. Hope you recovered from the fall Fiona.

30th September 2011 – Ye Olde Flying Horse, Kegworth
A new venue for us. Hot night and a tight squeeze but we enjoyed the night.

5th November 2011 – Three Nuns, Loughborough
Slow start but the fireworks started with the second set. Matt loved it.

3rd December 2011 – Loughborough Rugby Club
Great crowd at one point the whole room was dancing.

16th December 2011 – Manor House, Quorn
Great gig to finish off the year. Special thanks to the regular fans who led the dancing.

2012 Gig  News

6th January 2012 – Ye Olde Flying Horse, Kegworth
Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Sorry.

30th March 2012 – Ye Olde Flying Horse, Kegworth
Drunken heckler made life hard but we got them dancing in the end.

31st March 2012 – Private Party, Loughborough
Usual good night at the rugby club.

19th May 2012 – Hobgoblin, Loughborough
Gypsum lads were awesome with their industrial dancing.

22nd June 2012 – Ye Olde Flying Horse, Kegworth
Another good night in the fire place.

4th August – Hobgoblin, Loughborough
Super Saturday at the Olympics and we had a good night too

29th September – The Maltings, Loughborough
First time here and what a great turn out. Thanks to all that came.

24th November 2012 - Three Nuns, Loughborough
Sorry, cancelled due to refurbishment of pub.

15th December 2012 - Hobgoblin, Loughborough
Great night. Many thanks to V for organising the BG crowd.

28th December 2012 - Private Party, Loughborough
Congratulations to Martin & Tracey.

2013 Gig  News

19th January 2013 - The Maltings, Loughborough
Cold night and a few were still recovering from Christmas but there was dancing.

25th January 2013 – Private Party, Loughborough
Usual Rugby club singalong. With lots of chips.

9th Febuary 2013 - The Hobgoblin, Loughborough
Final gig for Danny. It was a good one.

2nd March 2013 – Private Party, Loughborough
Hope you enjoyed the night Colin.

28th March 2013 – Private Party, East Leake
Great crowd. Happy Birthday Sharon.  

12th April 2013 – The Maltings, Loughborough
Charity gig for Air Ambulance - £574 raised. Thanks to all who came.   

4th May 2013 – The Three Nuns, Loughborough
Great night after a long absence

1st June 2013 – Long Whatton CC
Disaster with feedback in the first set. Sorry, but the second set was a good recovery.

20th July 2013 – Private Party, Loughborough
A hot night, hope you all enjoyed it.

3rd August 2013 - TLC Festival, George & Dragon,  Thringstone
We were on stage on schedule for a change and what about the rain.

23rd November 2013 – The Three Nuns, Loughborough
What a great night after a three month break. Hope you liked the new songs.

6th December 2013 – The Maltings, Loughborough
Fantastic night to round off the year. Happy birthday Eddie.

2014 Gig  News

17th May 2014 – Private Party, Loughborough
Another great night at the rugby club.

31st May 2014 – Long Whatton CC
No technical issues this year. Got chilly though.

5th July 2014 – Private Party, Rearsby
Great venue, great night. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Slack.

2nd August 2014 - TLC Festival, George & Dragon, Thringstone
No rain and an enjoyable close to the night for us.

8th November 2014 -The Three Nuns, Loughborough
A year since we were last here but we loved it.

2015 Gig  News

18th April 2015 – Private Party, Loughborough
New drummer, good singalong, but we had stopped playing by then!!!

9th May 2015 – The Three Nuns, Loughborough
Usual fun night at the nuns.

9th May 2015 – The Three Nuns, Loughborough
Unusually quiet night
at the nuns.

6th November 2015 – Thringstone

 12th December 2015 – Private Party

19th December 2015 – The White Hart (Was LRFC)
First time at The White Hart and what a night.

2016 Gig  News

21st May 2016 – The Three Nuns, Loughborough
What a crowd and Karen from badminton too!

25th June 2016 – Private Party, Costock
Lovely night at the GB. Congratulations to Julie & Ferdie

27th August 2016 – The Three Nuns, Loughborough
Good singalong crowd

28th August2016 – Charity Festival, The Three Nuns, Loughborough
All acoustic for a change

30th September 2016 - Glastonbudget Auditions, The Shed, Leicester
Great night with some awesome bands. Best of all we are through to play at Glastonbudget

29th October 2016 – The White Hart, Loughborough
Fantastic crowd with plenty of dancing

5th November 2016 – Loughborough Rugby Club
Big thanks to Neil for standing in on drums.

31st December 2016 – The Three Nuns, Loughborough
First gig on a new years eve and it was a blast.

2017 Gig  News

Fri 21st April - The Three Nuns, Loughborough
Another great night at the nuns

Sat 27th May - Glastonbudget
Wind reduced set but it was a blast.

Sun 25th June - Private Party, Costock
Glad to be back after last years engagement party. This time it was the wedding. Congratulations to the bride & groom.

Sat 1st July - Private Party, Shepshed
First time back in Shepshed after many years and it was a great night.

Fri 4th August - The White Hart, Loughborough
First time in the garden at the White Hart and we loved the atmosphere.

Sat 12th August - Private Party, Loughborough
Great wedding party. Plenty of dancing and singing.

Sat 2nd September - Private Party, Loughborough
Back at Greenfields. Not been here for ages. Great time.

Sat 9th September - The Bulls Head, East Leake
Slow start but once things got going it was fantastic. Great night.

Sat 7th October - The Three Nuns, Loughborough
Cant remember such a big crowd. Great singalong too.

Sat 16th December - The White Hart, Loughborough
Packed night with crowd control being the focus.

Sun 31st December – The Three Nuns, Loughborough (Ticket Only)
Hope everyone enjoyed the night. Happy new year.

2018 Gig  News

Sat 24th February - The Three Nuns, Loughborough
It was a cold night outside but steaming hot inside.

Sat 5th May - Private Party, Nanpantan
Fantastic venue. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Sat 12th May - Loughborough Rugby Club
Pitch invasion didn't spoil things.

Sat 8th September - The Bulls Head, East Leake
3 new songs and a great crowd. Glad to be part of East Leake's Live Weekend.

27th October - The Blacksmiths Arms, Loughborough
Great first gig at the Blacksmiths.

15th December - The Bulls Head, East Leake
Took time to warm up but it finished strong.

2019 Gig  News

2nd February - The Three Nuns, Loughborough
Some technical issues caused some delays but we still soldiered on. Great night.

11th May - Loughborough Rugby Club, Loughborough
Lovely night with a good crowd.

18th May - The Bulls Head, East Leake (Wedding Party)
Congratulations to Martin & Andrea.

1st June - The Three Nuns, Loughborough
First gig with new PA.

6th July - Loughborough Rugby Club
Happy Birthday.

9th August - Wicked Hathern Fest - Hawthorn Marquee 8.00pm
Great effort from the sound crew to manage without the mixer they were expecting.
As it happens, we all loved the evening. Great crowd made it extra special.

14th December - The Three Nuns, Loughborough
Usual good growd and a good singalong.

31st December - The Three Nuns, Loughborough (Ticket Only)
New Year extravaganza.

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