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Another former Bad Shirts member, Gary's main early influences were Santana, Camel and Neil Young. His early years were spent in obscurity but were captured on tape and are now known as the legendary 'Bungalow Sessions'.  

Although a few years ago he divided his time playing with Lumpy and the Ska Beat. He now plays exclusively with Cato! Renowned throughout the music industry for his ferocious bursts of talent followed by years of seemingly worthless grind, Gary has recently patented his own guitar stance - the Extreme Straddle.

Though his own memory is clouded by too many festival weekends in the 70s and 80's, he is thought to have been a session player on Snowy White's "Bird of Paradise", his unique "kazoo" sound being used extensively on the import-only dub-mix.


His lifetime ambition was achieved when he purchased a Boogie amp. This original amp is still used only for gazing at adoringly so a second amp was acquired for use with the band. Unfortunately it was deemed too good to use on most gigs so he bought another one. 

Recently he discovered the Ibanez SZ series guitars and his since refused to use anything else unless poked with a big stick. When he bought the second one it was also deemed too good for gigging so he bought another. Then he needed a spare.  There seems to be a running theme here! However his wife doesn't seem to have twigged it yet, as a fifth one was added just to look good propped up in the front room next to the Boogie.

Gary ’s Top 5 Guitarists: Carlos Santana, Dave Gilmour, Andy Latimer, The Edge, Neil Young.


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Ibanez SZ1220
Ibanez SZ4020

Fender Telecaster
Yamaha SA2200
Yamaha MSG Standard
Yamaha SG1500
Boss GT8 Pre-amp/effects
Boss GT1000 Pre-amp/effects
Boogie Studio 22 Combo
Mesa/Boogie F50 Combo
Boogie MkIV Combo
MkIV Head
Mesa 1x12 Cab
Mesa 1x12  3/4 Cab
Mesa 2x12  3/4 Cab
Mesa 4x12 Rectifier Cab

Gary with one of his beloved Ibanez SZ guitars.

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Last updated 8th September 2018