History of Not Now Cato!

Many years ago a band was formed which eventually became known as the Bad Shirts. After a few performances the name changed to Where's Tom, then  briefly changing to Blind Summit. About this time there was a period of upheaval and two new members joined and the band became Not Now Cato!  

Playing a mixture of classic 70's / 80's rock and 90's indie music, with the odd more commercial song thrown in.- Cato are unique within their field for offering their "are we too loud - we can turn it down" pledge at every gig. 

Acoustic Gig
The band have experimented with all acoustic sets but are once again concentrating on their electric set with a few new songs mixed in with their classics. 

Band with Dave & Steve
More recently there has been some more changes in the band line up with the departure of Dave and Steve and the addition of Neil on drum's.

At the nuns during the exhausting 2008 winter tour.


At last we have proof that the band does not out number the crowd and some even dance!



What people have said about NotNowCato

"Bloody hell, lads - with that much kit you must be good"
 Groundsman, Shepshed PTA, February 1998

"Is that your own van?"
Landlord, The Test Match, Nottingham, December 1999

"Can you play background music?"
Party Compere, Nottingham, January 2007

"you can stick your f@*$*@ band up your f@*$*@ arse"
 Departing Bassist, Loughborough February 1997

"Can you play a short set, we need to start the bingo?"
Committee Member, Ibstock Miners Welfare May 1998 

"Who the hell are they?"
Birthday Girl, The Print Room June 2009 



Current PA Equipment:

Peavey Hisys 1 Cabs
Peavey Hisys 3 Cabs
Peavey Hisys 115 Subs
Peavey 115HS &112HS Monitors
Peavey RQ2314 Mixer
Studiomaster 1200D Power Amps
Custom lighting rig



E-Mail at: band@notnowcato.co.uk


Last updated 26th July 2014